Polio Virus


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© 1998 WGBH. A SCIENCE ODYSSEY. ON THE EDGE. This comic, set in 1954, describes a child in an iron lung, Dr. Salk’s and Dr. Sabin’s vaccines, and how the polio vaccine works.

Activity Duration: < 15 min

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Health Education Standard 1

National Academy of Science Content Standards:

Grades 5-8
Life Science

Teacher comments:
Middle school teacher: This comic/story not only explains how vaccines work, but also the history of polio. The font and illustrations could be larger. Due to its size, students might need individual computers to be able to read the comic. Not sure what it will look like through a projected view. This activity/lesson best suits a health curriculum. Rating: Recommended

Virologist comments:
This comic refers to the famous Dr. Salk and Dr. Sabin who first developed successful polio vaccines. It educates about the fundamental principle of how a vaccine works, or basic immunology. The graphic quality is average. It is a fun learning tool. Rating: Highly recommended

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