Hepatitis B Virus


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© 2007-2010 Tim Peters and Company, Inc. Through the adventures of Captain Bio, kids journey inside the human body, where they discover Hepatitis B, how this virus is transmitted, and what it does to the human body.

Activity Duration: <15 min

Cost: free


Health Education Standard 1

National Academy of Science Content Standards:

Grades 5-8
Unifying Concepts and Processes
Life Science

Grades 9-12
Unifying Concepts and Processes
Science in Personal and Social Perspectives

Teacher comments:
Middle school teacher: I like how this can either be printed out or viewed through a projector. This would allow it to be a group activity, or in a sped/low-reading environment. Web site was very quick and easy to navigate. The comic itself is the activity, but teachers can do multiple things as followups/assessments. Rating: Recommended

High school teacher: Good, clear comic about Hep. B. Well organized, appropriate detail. Rating: Highly recommended

Virologist comments:
This comic is accessible to middle schoolers and high schoolers. The plot is well done to educate about Hepatitis B virus (HBV), especially the biology of HBV and how to prevent contracting the virus. There are also informative facts at the end. However, this may have both educational and marketing purposes since it is sponsored by Merck. Rating: Recommended

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